Straight, no chaser today. Here are a few things we didn’t cover but thought you should know! 

Good news! Miss Gee, the mama behind the Miss Zee coloring book, reached her goal! {Kickstarter}

Romney stumbles as he kicks off overseas trip – Poor Mittens. His trip across the pond has gotten off on the wrong foot, which is somewhat predictable when you insult the host country. Sad. {Wall Street Journal}

Twitter apologizes, blames data center failures for outage – The Twitterverse was down today; I’m sure you noticed. {CNET}

Katherine Jackson’s lawyer calls family drama ‘One Gigantic Misunderstanding’ – We hope so, because this could get very, very ugly. {HuffPo}

World’s fastest man Bolt says he’s fit to become Olympic legend – I cannot wait to see the track & field events. Can Usain Bolt do it again? {San Francisco Chronicle}

RUMOR: Raven-Symone to marry her girlfriend – Well, this would be pleasantly interesting. {Hello Beautiful}

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