Russell Edgington is back on top and Vampire Stabler is, alas, dead (truly) at the hands of the once (and maybe future) King. “True Blood” has not returned to its former glory, as I had hoped last week, but this whole, tiresome season was worth just five minutes of King Russell railing against The Authority and crudely sharing what killing humans does to his manly bits. Count me glad that His Royal Highness is back in fighting form. Maybe things on the show will get more exciting from here.

We’re going to have to get our thrills from Edgington, and I imagine, efforts by Vampire Mopey Reb and Vampire Icy Hot to bring him (and Salome — we all know she’s behind this) to justice. Because we’re getting nada from the Tara storyline. You know I was excited about the prospect of Pam and her new progeny, Tara, becoming a bad ass, smart-mouthed vampire Thelma and Louise team. Instead, it seems having a black woman in her power is giving Pam antebellum flashbacks and Tara has found herself in a latter-day Gone With The Wind. Not feeling it.

Also back on “True Blood” is Alfre Woodard as Lafayette’s crazy, homophobic, and magical mama. Looks like we’re getting close to finding out where Jesus’ body went. Jesus loves you, Lala!

The show is still suffering from a surplus of storylines, including Terry and the smoke monster no one really cares about. Good on Arlene for telling him she can’t have anyone who is a danger to her children in her life. Hoyt continues to walk around dressed like an idiot and living on the wild side to guilt Jessica into coming back to him. Jessica ain’t having it. Oh, and that truck full of good ole boys with the Obama masks? They’re not just after shifters, but other supes as well. They offed a vamp last night while shouting, “Yes, we can!” I’d like to know the significance of the masks and shouting of Obama slogans. I’m guessing the human vigilantes are adopting these things ironically. Is Alan Ball drawing some parallel between your Tea Party types and the sort of person who would be prejudiced against (non)humans?

The latest supes to enter that TBverse better watch their backs. Jason and Sookie dropped in on that fairy bar, which is filled with refugees from Fairyville and the evil Queen Mab. The joint is run by Claude, who is totally not as hot as Charlaine Harris’ books describe. Claude also has like 90 sisters with Claude derivative names — Claudette, Claudetta, Claudie Mae, Billy Claude. We learn that the Stackhouse parents did not die in a flood, but were killed by vampires after Sookie’s blood. It always comes down to damned Sookie!

Speaking of damned Sookie, I’m still liking this jaded version of Sooks. Just like the men of Bon Temps are better when not in her thrall, our heroine is better when she’s an independent gal trying to make sense of her crazy life. Loved her undoing Eric’s glamouring of Alcide. “Did you just recoil from me?”

What did you think of last night’s episode?

As usual, the “True Blood” team was at Comic-Con. See excerpts from their panel:

And the trailer for the rest of the season. (Don’t watch if you don’t want to see mild spoilers.)

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  • This episode has been my favorite thus far. I was super shocked that “Vampire Stabler” died. I thought he’d made the decision to leave SVU for a lengthy role on True Blood, but alas, he is gone.

    • Simone L

      The one thing that had me and my husband curious, was why didn’t he explode instantly? I mean, we know he’s dead, you cant have ONE vampire NOT die after getting stabbed but then again…he didn’t explode. WHY?

  • Gigi Young

    Lol, thanks for these recaps. I realized, when I didn’t bother watching the season premiere, that I had lost all interest in TB. But I do like knowing what’s going on.

  • B

    I fell asleep during a majority of last Sunday’s episode so when I says last night’s episode, I had a lot of “why” and “when” questions as well as “OMG” moments because I missed what led up to it. I’ve got some catching up to do.

  • The previews for the episodes are more exciting than the actual episodes. I could care less about Terry’s PTSD/cursed storyline and I have zero cares to give in regards to Sam’s storyline. This show is all over the place. I have been a fan of this show since the beginning to the point that I had to be in front of the TV at 8:55 PM EST to catch the start. This season, the show is starting to lose my interest. If they keep it up, next season needs to be it’s last.