Many times, our friends are those people we’ve grown up with, gone to school with, and who have always been around. While many of us take time to build our circle, some of our friends are not-so-stellar supporters of our goals.

Like Mrs. O advised, our friends shouldn’t just be holdovers from our childhood. They should be those who support us, nurture us, care for us, and give us the love we need. And we should return the favor.

The people around us can either drag us down or help us rise to the top. What type of friends do you have?

Happy Friday, Clutchettes!

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  • Mimi

    LOVE IT!!! And so true!

  • I love, love, love that quote! Thankfully, I realized who my real friends were when I was in junior high (four close friends). Now, we have all been friends for around 13 years. They are like sisters to me. We give each other advice, and always try to uplift each other and support each other.

  • Name Withheld

    I love this quote and it is so true.

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