• Now this collection, I LOVE! I couldn’t relate to the Tracy Reese collection, but I can see myself in the DVF fashions…not that I can afford them :-D

    • MimiLuvs

      Ugh, I thought that I was the only one!

      I had seen the photo stills from the Tracy Reese fashion show and none of her clothes appeal to me.

  • OSHH

    Lovely! Always a fan of DVF.

  • If I had more money to splurge I would definitely have a sick DVF collection. Not only does she put out fly fashion, but she has ALWAYS placed black models and multi ethnic models in general on that runway. (Which is unlike so many other fashion designers black women are breaking their necks, wallets and soul for)

    • YES! Her selection of models also stood out to me! I may get myself something from her collection for Christmas just to show my support for a designer who’s inclusive.